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"There is no better place for you to be, than on the floor of a well run show... face-to-face with your clients, your prospects, your competitors and your industry"

There is no greater opportunity for a marketer than to participate in a well run trade show, consumer show or conference. In a world where all communications are trending to the relative anonymity of electronic messages, the ability to be right in front of your prospects is unprecedented.

The philosophy is are moving your business to a temporary location in the midst of a multitude of your prospects. Being properly prepared to take advantage of this unique opportunity is much more complex than it appears.

Your ultimate success is dependent upon the ability of your booth staff to properly engage your visitors, and in a relatively brief time, determine their needs, then demonstrate how your products or services can fill those needs.

For the past thirty years, The Exhibitor Institute has created consulting and training programs designed to turn your booth space into a machine that will churn out quality leads that convert to sales, show after show.


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