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The philosophies of exhibitor education are not a part of every exhibiting organizations thinking. There is a lot of confusion surrounding the effectiveness of this type of training. The following are many of the questions we have been asked over the last 25 years. If you have a question, don't hesitate to contact us at:

+ My salespeople are all experienced at doing shows, some are twenty year veterans. Why would they need this DVD?
Our experience has been that just because a salesperson has been working shows for many years; this is no guarantee that they actually understand how to 'sell' at shows. There is a complete strategy that is specific to shows and that's what you will learn through our training materials and our seminars. The comment most heard after a seminar is: "You just solved a lifetime of frustration in exhibiting at tradeshows"
+ I'm not sure this DVD will be what our company needs. Can I get your DVD on a 'preview'?
We are so convinced that once you see this video, if it doesn't completely alter the way your company approaches tradeshows, we'll refund your investment, minus only a small handling fee. In 20 years of selling videos and training materials, we have never had one come back!
+ We are considering either purchasing your DVD or having you come to present a 'live' seminar. My VP Marketing is concerned that the information may be too elementary and that indeed we may even 'insult' our sales people by telling them they can't do this or that in the booth. How do you respond to this?
Fred Fox is a salesperson with over 35 years experience. His success is directly related to the fact that he understands and appreciate the roles of the salesperson. When he presents a live seminar he always has a briefing with a company executive(s) prior to the presentation. He can not recall a time when this question was not asked. Everyone is concerned when they bring in a speaker. We can tell you that after 20 plus years of presenting our seminars, he has never insulted anyone and he always score 'high' in seminar evaluations. Furthermore, we are happy to give you a reference list.

In response to the "do this or do that in the booth", we definitely will be covering this topic because it has a huge effect on the outcome of the exhibit program. The difference is we tell your booth staff why their behavior is so important, and it's not what most people think!
+ We are considering bringing you in to present your 'Xtreme Xhibiting' Seminar to our sales force. Is there any advantage to doing this on-site' at our show.
There are several advantages: first of all the economics, your salespeople are already being sent to the show so there are no extra costs in assembling them. If your sales people are from various territories, this can mean a considerable savings. Another advantage is: We could actually present portions of the seminar in your booth, what better way to get comfortable with new selling techniques and strategies than right there! You also may want to consider me doing an Exhibit Program Evaluation while we are there. We can evaluate your sales people, your booth from its functionality to the messaging and impact. We can perform a competitive analysis at the same time. Wouldn't you like to know how your competitors approach tradeshows? What is the skill level of their staff? Are they completing their objectives?
+ Are there any advantages in having Fred come to our facilities to present Xtreme Xibiting?
The greatest advantage is your ability to control the timing; this will allow you to strategize your complete exhibit program. Ideally, Fred would present the Xtreme Xhibiting program three months prior to the show. He would then attend the show and coach people through the process. He would also perform the Exhibitor On-Site Evaluation (as described above). The important thing is: start you're exhibitor education program now! Get a DVD, get started, once you realize the control you can actually have in the tradeshow environment, you'll wish you had started years ago.
+ Is your seminar generic or can you address our company's specific needs?
The seminar will be customized to your companies' products and services. We begin the process by having a discussion with what ever top executives from your organization you deem appropriate. They would thoroughly brief us on the companies past trade show performance and any issues surrounding the exhibit program. We would then be sent a package of your company's collateral, to familiarize us with your products and/or services.
+ I would like to conduct my own exhibitor training seminar. Is there a group seminar training package?
Yes, The best program for this purpose would be the Xtreme Xhibitor DVD, which includes both a comprehensive leaders guide and participant work books. The presentation is 60 minutes in length. The Leader's Guide reveals to you all of the philosophies of exhibitor education. Your attendees can work through the program with the Participant's Workbook. You can simply pause the DVD when you want to explore a certain point farther. This allows you to conduct your own very effective in -house seminar.